Template Tags

Haystack comes with a couple common template tags to make using some of its special features available to templates.


Takes a block of text and highlights words from a provided query within that block of text. Optionally accepts arguments to provide the HTML tag to wrap highlighted word in, a CSS class to use with the tag and a maximum length of the blurb in characters.

The defaults are span for the HTML tag, highlighted for the CSS class and 200 characters for the excerpt.


{% highlight <text_block> with <query> [css_class "class_name"] [html_tag "span"] [max_length 200] %}


# Highlight summary with default behavior.
{% highlight result.summary with query %}

# Highlight summary but wrap highlighted words with a div and the
# following CSS class.
{% highlight result.summary with query html_tag "div" css_class "highlight_me_please" %}

# Highlight summary but only show 40 words.
{% highlight result.summary with query max_length 40 %}

The highlighter used by this tag can be overridden as needed. See the Highlighting documentation for more information.


Fetches similar items from the search index to find content that is similar to the provided model’s content.


This requires a backend that has More Like This built-in.


{% more_like_this model_instance as varname [for app_label.model_name,app_label.model_name,...] [limit n] %}


# Pull a full SearchQuerySet (lazy loaded) of similar content.
{% more_like_this entry as related_content %}

# Pull just the top 5 similar pieces of content.
{% more_like_this entry as related_content limit 5  %}

# Pull just the top 5 similar entries or comments.
{% more_like_this entry as related_content for "blog.entry,comments.comment" limit 5  %}

This tag behaves exactly like SearchQuerySet.more_like_this, so all notes in that regard apply here as well.