SearchResult API

class SearchResult(app_label, model_name, pk, score, **kwargs)

The SearchResult class provides structure to the results that come back from the search index. These objects are what a SearchQuerySet will return when evaluated.

Attribute Reference

The class exposes the following useful attributes/properties:

  • app_label - The application the model is attached to.
  • model_name - The model’s name.
  • pk - The primary key of the model.
  • score - The score provided by the search engine.
  • object - The actual model instance (lazy loaded).
  • model - The model class.
  • verbose_name - A prettier version of the model’s class name for display.
  • verbose_name_plural - A prettier version of the model’s plural class name for display.
  • search_index - Returns the SearchIndex class associated with this result.
  • distance - On geo-spatial queries, this returns a Distance object representing the distance the result was from the focused point.

Method Reference



Returns the content type for the result’s model instance.



Returns a dictionary of all of the fields from the raw result.

Useful for serializing results. Only returns what was seen from the search engine, so it may have extra fields Haystack’s indexes aren’t aware of.



Returns a dictionary of all of the stored fields from the SearchIndex.

Useful for serializing results. Only returns the fields Haystack’s indexes are aware of as being ‘stored’.

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